Device Management

Before the Over The Air (OTA) distribution, deploying an app on an iOS device was a pain in the ass!

Today it is easier, but not as simple as it should be. Here at Appaloosa we aim to simplify as much as possible your experience with app distribution.

And one of the worst experience our customers face right now is the distribution with Ad Hoc profile for iOS app.

That is why we developped this great new feature: the Device Management.


What is the problem with Ad Hoc profile?

If you already did it, you don’t need to read this to know how painfull it is.

Because Ad Hoc distribution is limited to 100 devices, you have to be sure that the UDID of the devices that want to install the app is listed in the profile.

If not, the devices will not be able to install the application.

It’s that simple.

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