Create Several Stores With Your Account

The multistores feature has been released. We’ve been working on this for a while and we hope it will be useful for you guys.


Why did we create the multistores feature?

We’ve been asked by many of our customers to be able to manage groups of users.

After digging a little deeper, the need was to be able to distribute apps to a set of users among all the population referenced in the Appaloosa account.

The obvious solution that came up in our mind was to create groups of users, and grant them access to the apps. On the paper, this solution looked sexy.

But when it came to the implementation, we did not see how to create an UI that would be easy to use. And it is one of our main concern to create a service that is simple and nice to use.

So we brainstormed with the team and found out that the easiest way to answer to this feature request, in terms of user experience, was to manage several stores. 


How does it work?

1. Create a new store

A link has been added to the store menu, it leads to the “Create Store” form.

You only need to provide a name and a logo (it will be displayed in the header of the store).

Then hit the “create store” button and it’s done!

If you have generated a native client for your store, all the users that is using it will receive a push notification when an app is published.


This feature is available with the Enterprise plan.

If you already have an Appaloosa account, and you want to try give it a try, just contact us at :

One thought on “Create Several Stores With Your Account

  1. Alain Duval

    C’est une facon élégante de dire que l’on veut pas tout casser sur l’existant mais c’est qd meme pas top ni simple sur le tel d’avoir ce multi store plutot qu’un store unique ou l’on voit les applis auquel on est habilité. Et je vois pas en quoi c’est complique de faire cote serveur une UI avec gestion d’hab.


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