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MDM vs MAM: How to choose your EMM solution(s)?

Web App upload from the new administration interface

Improvement of scheduled applications feature

Appaloosa’s MAM solution deployment at Leroy Merlin - Case study

MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution. What is it?

EMM: what impact on the business model?

All the new features for enterprise and developers from WWDC explained

How to choose the best solution for your enterprise device management?

What are the new features for enterprise with iOS 13?

[Product News] Alert end-users of new versions available

[Product News] Time saving screen

App development - Best practice #8 - The 10 mistakes to avoid when you want to launch an application

App development - Best practice #7 - Distribution & market implementation

[Product News] New iOS onboarding following up iOS12.2 update

[Product News] Please follow the tutorial first!

App development - Best practice #6 - Planning, workflow and team: what are the stages of developing an app?

App development - Best practice #5 - Test & Learn: Importance of user feedback and constant improvement

App development - Best practice #4 How to combine a beautiful design with an optimized UX?

App development - Best practice #3: How to ensure the security and privacy of your app?

App development - Best practice #2: Native, hybrid or web?

App development - Best practice #1: How to make sure that you REALLY need an app? 5 questions you have to ask yourself up front…

[Product News] Version management

[Product News] Multiple Store Management

[Product News] Android Enterprise Soft and secure Mobile App Management solution

Appaloosa 2018 deliveries and 2019 plans

Android Enterprise Recommended: Google unveils its list of recommended smartphones!

Android Pie: Google announces new features for enterprise apps and work profile

Siri Shortcuts : Apple announces new features to boost your productivity

Everything You Need to Know About Apple Business Chat (and what to expect from it)

Hang on : Apple unveils new Group Facetime for iOS 12

Work-life balance : are we all addicted to our smartphones ?


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