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We have helped SNCF build a store for their community of more than 2000 testing enthousiasts. Join them today at
Build your test platform at scale with Appaloosa, its API and integrations.

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Florence Tagger - Digital Project Manager, SNCF

Working with the team at Appaloosa has been swift and efficient. It took less than 2 months for both teams to tailor a private store for beta tests. The objective: improve our processes to let internal users give feedback.

Florence Tagger - Digital Project Manager, SNCF

Integrated with your development process.

IDE plugins

Appaloosa integrates with XCode and Android Studio. Distribute to your store with a single click.

Build in the cloud

We have partnered with Bitrise to add Appaloosa to continuous integration workflows.

Fastlane and Jenkins

Appaloosa lets you streamline the delivery of your apps with tools used by thousands of developers.

Built for testing.

Per version group targeting

Groups management enables to clearly define your target users for alpha, beta and pre-production rollouts.

Perfect for Q&A

Developers from your internal team can switch between versions to measure improvement.

Receive feedback and crashes

Our integration with Crashlytics provides a recap for your attention.
User feedback is consolidated under each release.

Scale to thousands of testers

Detailed analytics

Get per-app and per-version download and usage statistics.

Deliver new builds with push

Maximize your new version deployment with additionnal push campaigns.

Enforce version upgrades

With our SDK, make sure that your testers are on the latest version at every launch.

Easy set up. Be up and running in minutes.

14 days, completely free. No Credit card required.