Mailmen using La Poste private mobile app

The Enterprise App Store
for the Mobile Workforce

Appaloosa helps accelerating mobile usage inside La Poste. Thanks to push notifications, it takes less than 2 weeks for all mailmen to be on the latest version.

It also increases mobile adoption as 90 000 mailmen are regularly updating their apps thanks to the app store.

logo la poste customer
José Vazquez - Mobile Manager, La Poste

Appaloosa brings the latest versions of La Poste mobile apps to 90 000 users with an easy, powerful and scalable private app store.

José Vazquez - Mobile Manager, La Poste

Deploy, Update and Manage apps.

Profile-based access control

Define the right user groups, such as departments or location to distribute your apps. Users need to log into the store to access all apps.

Push updates

As you update an app, push notifications are sent. When you define an app as mandatory, the policy is enforced on the user’s phone.

Revoke access

Access to the store or to an app can be revoked at anytime as your policy changes, if the user is terminated or a device is reported lost or stolen.

Custom-branded, user-friendly.

Rich App Store for better user engagement

Your app store is generated on demand from native code. It enables stronger user engagement with push notifications whenever an app is updated.

Use your own branding

Your app store can be branded with your own colors and logo. Like public app stores, you have control over featured apps.


We have built this native app store with the user in mind. It works like Apple’s and Google’s and users will find search, categories & feedback.

Follow-up with your deployment

Detailed analytics

Get per-app and per-version download and usage statistics.

Push campaigns

Maximize your new version deployment with additionnal push campaigns.

Device details

All devices which have visited the store are kept with details such as OS version, device type and installed apps.

Easy set up. Be up and running in minutes.

14 days, completely free. No Credit card required.

Manage apps, not devices.

Learn how Peter and John both get their needs covered through simple Mobile Application Management.