Deploy & Protect
Enterprise Mobile Apps

Appaloosa & AppDome are partnering to help companies distribute and protect enterprise mobile apps without Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Protect your enterprise apps before deployment without any code change.


The combination of Appaloosa's private app store and AppDome's security layer enables minimal time to market for enterprise apps with maximum security.

Tom Tovar - CEO, AppDome

Add security to any mobile app

Upload to protect

Upload any apk or ipa file to your store to add Appaloosa's protection layer to your app. Your protected app is available to employees in minutes, not days.

No code change

Unlike SDK or App Wrapping, protected apps require no code change or extra integration. Also, protected apps support any type of deployment, including MDM.

Revoke & control access

Once the protected app has been deployed, it will check with Appaloosa if the user or the device have the right to use the application. If the device is lost/stolen or if the user has left your company, all further access will be revoked.

Protect your apps from threats

Defend against multiple attack vectors

Before your app is deployed, it will be protected against intrusion and malware. Data at rest will be protected via enterprise grade AES 256 encryption. Data in transit will use bidirectional SSL verification and device identification.

Data Theft and Compliance Breach

Appaloosa & AppDome provide antivirus protection, anti-malware scanning and signature based detection in addition to white list/black list options to protect users from malicious attacks and sites.

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